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Stranger things have happened

Posted on Jul 02, 2019 in From the Editor

By Emily Schilling My daughter says I’m a teenager stuck in a mom’s body. Why? I’m a boy band fan who once sat in the front row at a 1D concert. I read young adult fiction — and watch adaptations of those books when they’re made into movies. I’m obsessed with Hello Kitty. I know… Continue reading.

Power to the people

Posted on Jun 02, 2019 in From the Editor

By Emily Schilling What a difference 16 days can make. In just a little over two weeks, 14 Indiana electric cooperative lineworkers and two project leaders brought electricity to an east central Guatemalan village. Ninety homes, a school, two churches and a pump house were electrified, and villagers suddenly looked forward to opportunities they’d only… Continue reading.

Sparking joy!

Posted on May 01, 2019 in From the Editor

By Emily Schilling Hoarders take note! Decluttering our homes is all the rage thanks to Marie Kondo, a proponent of living more sparsely, simply and, ultimately, stress-free. Kondo says you should get rid of everything that does not “spark joy” in your life.   You might have seen Kondo on television in shows like Good… Continue reading.

Where’s the beef?

Posted on Apr 02, 2019 in From the Editor

By Emily Schilling I’m not one to typically order a burger and fries when I go out to lunch — I’m more of an Italian food type of gal. But sometimes, especially after seeing an ad featuring a sizzling patty on a grill on TV, I get that gnawing junk food craving. And it won’t… Continue reading.

Connecting with you

Posted on Mar 02, 2019 in From the Editor

By Emily Schilling As any new parent will tell you, selecting the perfect name is not easy.  Of course, naming a child and naming a magazine are not quite the same thing. But both scenarios usually involve hours of debate, input (both solicited and sometimes unsolicited) from numerous sources, and a long and often ongoing… Continue reading.

To a ‘T’

Posted on Feb 02, 2019 in From the Editor

By Emily Schilling Sometimes, the best way to get something off your chest is to put it on your chest.  Imprinted T-shirts can say things you’d never have the nerve to utter yourself. They can give others a glimpse of who you really are — or who you’d like them to believe you are. You… Continue reading.

A boy named Boy

Posted on Jan 02, 2019 in From the Editor

By Emily Schilling Back in 1969, when Johnny Cash sang about A Boy Named Sue, listeners laughed about the improbability of anyone saddling their son with such a scandalous (for a guy) name.  Fast forward a half century and unusual monikers are not so unusual anymore. In fact, nowadays it’s more unlikely that your name… Continue reading.

Christmas state of mind

Posted on Dec 02, 2018 in From the Editor

By Emily Schilling One of my favorite quotes about Christmas comes from anunlikely source: our country’s 30th president, Calvin Coolidge.He said, “Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind.” I perpetually plan for Christmas. As soon as Dec. 26 rolls around each year, I’m already thinking about the following Christmas… Continue reading.

You can make a difference!

Posted on Nov 02, 2018 in From the Editor

By Emily Schilling It’s fitting that in this issue before Thanksgiving we provide an update on Project Indiana. Through this initiative, created by Indiana’s electric cooperatives to empower underdeveloped countries, we can change lives in so many ways. In the last six years, linemen from electric cooperatives throughout Indiana have traveled to remote impoverished areas… Continue reading.

Dressed for success

Posted on Oct 02, 2018 in From the Editor

By Emily Schilling Regular readers of my column won’t be surprised by this revelation: I like to dress up for Halloween. If I’m confident enough to show 274,000 readers what I look like in clown makeup (see August issue), of course I’m game to wear a silly costume to work! For years, the Electric Consumer… Continue reading.

Goodwill hunting

Posted on Sep 02, 2018 in From the Editor

By Emily Schilling Some shop because they have to — their shopping list rarely strays from just “the necessities.” For others, shopping is a hobby — something to do to while away a free Saturday.  I, though, shop for the thrill of a bargain. Show me a 70 percent off sign, and I’m off and… Continue reading.

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