End the year on a high note

Commemorate this unprecedented year by making special holiday memories

Posted on Dec 01 2020 in From the Editor
Em in mask holding Christmas ornament

By Emily Schilling

In my Christmas column last year, I talked about the gift of warmth.

This year, sharing the holiday spirit with those we love and with others less fortunate is more important than ever.

To say it’s been a tough year is quite the understatement. This year has transformed our habits, accelerated our fears, altered our lexicon, shattered our lifestyles and pounded our pocketbooks. In just a few months, everything changed. And we’ve all had to adjust to the changes.

That’s why during this holiday season I encourage you to pause and celebrate the special times you share with others. Make memories with loved ones. Spread joy to those who need joy at this time. 

The holidays may be a little different this year. Isolation has been the norm for months now.  But what’s really important — faith, family and friends — has never changed.

So end the year on a high note. And be thankful for your blessings.

EMILY SCHILLING is editor of Indiana Connection