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The eyes have it

Posted on Feb 26, 2021 in Pets

At least 2 billion people around the world have vision problems – but how do you know if and when your pet is struggling with its own eyesight? “Sometimes animals struggle with the same eye problems that people do. They’re just not as good at telling us when something is wrong,” said Dr. Wendy Townsend,… Continue reading.

Gift ideas for your furry family members

Posted on Nov 23, 2020 in Pets

On Christmas morning, will the family members peeking out from piles of wrapping paper and ribbons have nary a gift to unwrap? Make sure Fido and Fluffy get to join in the Christmas revelry with some special presents of their own. They’ll thank you later. Here are some items that will help ease your pet’s… Continue reading.

Wintertime is coming

Posted on Sep 26, 2020 in Pets

It may be only October, but if you look around, nature is beginning its preparation for winter. You’re probably thinking about winter, too: Planning to get the gutters cleaned, the furnaced checked, and the snowblower unburied from the shed and tuned up. You should also think about your pet’s needs before winter arrives. Winter can… Continue reading.

Making Your Pet Photos Bark and Purr

Posted on Jul 23, 2020 in Pets

Nothing garners attention on social media these days like cute critter photos. The photos you make and share of your dog or cat can be just as memorable as the photos you see in magazines or on Instagram. But rarely do they just “happen.” Here are some tips to keep in mind to make your… Continue reading.

Fighting like cats and dogs

Posted on May 27, 2020 in Pets

If you’ve found added comfort in the company of furry family members while sheltering in place, maybe you’re considering adding another set of paws upon your floor. Perhaps you’ve heard of a pet orphaned by COVID-19; or you think your pets would welcome the added company after life returns to normal and they are once… Continue reading.

How to tell if your kitty has heart disease

Posted on Nov 25, 2019 in Pets

The Purdue University Small Animal Hospital provides 24/7 assistance and a referral practice for questions and concerns about your pet. 765-494-1107, or visit: Many a cartoon shared among cat lovers on Facebook depicts skeletal remains of cat owners who died rather than upset snoozing kitties, still on their laps. While “cat naps” are part… Continue reading.

Halloween Dog Art

Don’t let your pet’s ‘gobble-uns’ get it

Posted on Oct 02, 2019 in Pets

By Richard G. Biever Halloween is supposed to be a fun time of make believe. But if Fido and Fluffy make believe the bite-sized morsels for trick-or-treaters momentarily left unattended by the front door were for them, Halloween can turn into a true fright night. Holidays, with their special decorations and treats, are fraught with… Continue reading.

Hot weather hazards for dogs

Posted on Jul 30, 2019 in Pets

BY BRIAN D. SMITH It’s a day made for the outdoors, with temperatures in the mid-70s and a balmy breeze stirring the humid Indiana air. Even your 10-year-old bulldog Max seems invigorated, bolting into your fenced backyard when you open the door.  But when you check on him a half hour later, Max looks anything… Continue reading.

Animal House

Posted on Jun 02, 2019 in Pets

BY BRIAN D. SMITH The dog days of summer can mean days without your dog – or cat, for that matter. It’s not easy to take pet passengers on a vacation trip, which explains the burgeoning popularity of boarding. Carmen Rustenbeck, CEO and founder of the International Boarding & Pet Services Association, recalls that when… Continue reading.

Why is my dog always barking?

Posted on Apr 01, 2019 in Pets

By Richard G. Biever “Let sleeping dogs lie” might be good advice about not stirring things up for most situations. But it’s not the case when it comes to dogs — especially dogs that bark too much. In that the case, the best time to give your dog attention is when it’s being calm and… Continue reading.

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