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Open the door to a great looking entry

Posted on May 24, 2022 in DIY

By Dustin Reynolds and Shannon Morrow With your yard’s spring cleanup behind you, it’s a great time to focus on your home’s front entrance. After all, it’s the first thing people notice as they approach your home.  Whether it’s an expansive area for entertaining or just a simple piece of concrete, there are lots of… Continue reading.

Join the outdoor improvement boom

Posted on Feb 24, 2022 in DIY

Many folks have rediscovered the importance of home improvement, and that’s led to a renewed focus on enhancing their outdoor spaces. Young homeowners today are taking more pride in their yards, largely bypassing paid services for a DIY approach. Whether it’s a basic cleanup, adding pizzazz to your next backyard gathering, or improving curb appeal,… Continue reading.

When one tree isn’t enough

Posted on Nov 28, 2021 in DIY

I read somewhere that once you have three of the same kind of item, you have a collection. That philosophy — plus my love of after-Christmas bargain-hunting (including deeply discounted artificial trees) — lead me to collect Christmas trees. Each year, my husband and I put up AT LEAST seven trees (sometimes more if I’m… Continue reading.

Special feature

Posted on Aug 25, 2021 in DIY

By Mary Sexton The current DIY boom is a result of millions of remote workers being reminded daily of the need for home improvements. After structural fixes and replacement needs are met, the focus moves to aesthetic enhancements. Accent (or feature) walls have been popular for years, but they’re not just about using an alternate… Continue reading.

Clutter control

Posted on May 25, 2021 in DIY

 By Cynthia and Gregg Reed    A messy, disorganized pantry might be easy to ignore by simply closing the door. But the next time you need to grab something, you’ll face the half empty bags of chips and random canned foods strewn about or even falling down. Tackle those haphazard dry goods with some sensible… Continue reading.

Give an old lamp a ‘T-riffic’ makeover

Posted on Mar 25, 2021 in DIY

Editor’s note: This month we introduce an occasional column featuring easy-to-make projects for your home. The projects appear courtesy of Plain & Simple, a bi-monthly Amish craft and décor magazine published in Shipshewana, Indiana. Plain & Simple features craft-making instructions, quilt patterns, gardening information and recipes. By Marlene Fry Turn an old lamp (perhaps a… Continue reading.

Home Work

Posted on Feb 25, 2021 in DIY

(This article is for informational purposes only. Indiana Connection and Do it Best Corp. assume no liability for the accuracy or completeness of the information contained herein, or for injuries, property damage, or the outcome of any project.) By Claude and Len Schrock One thing that caught many folks off guard last year was the… Continue reading.

Storage solutions for those ‘other’ spaces

Posted on Nov 23, 2020 in DIY

By Don and Sally Merriman This year, many people had extra time at home to devote to storage and organization in their living spaces. But sometimes the non-livable spaces became haphazard catch-alls for household items and outdoor tools. If so, devote some time, tools, and a new mindset to those spaces, and start the new… Continue reading.

Chip & Seal

Posted on Sep 27, 2020 in DIY

Chips in the paint of our vehicles are inevitable, especially if we drive rural “chip-and-seal” county roads before they’re fully “sealed.” More than just making our vehicle look bad, chips deep in the paint, like a tiny cut on our body, can lead to worse problems when left untreated. If the car’s three layers of… Continue reading.

The future of lighting has never been brighter

Posted on Aug 20, 2020 in DIY

By Jason Bolinger Mainstream use of incandescent lightbulbs is dwindling, and for good reason. While many people still favor them (and are buying up what’s left), incandescents waste energy by giving off more heat than light, are inefficient, and have short lifespans. Long-life LED bulbs have power- and money-saving qualities that make them a desirable… Continue reading.

On the road again

Posted on Jun 27, 2020 in DIY

The Fourth of July traditionally kicks off the height of summer travel season. For most American families, that means hitting the road. How fast the nation stretches and gets back on its feet after the pandemic hibernation is anyone’s guess. But whether you’re planning to shake off cabin fever now and cannonball into the travel… Continue reading.

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