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Indiana Connection Cooperative Calendar of Student Art

Energizing creative expression among Indiana students

Since 1998, Indiana Connection and participating Indiana electric cooperatives have held an annual art contest for Indiana students in grades kindergarten through 12. The winning works from each grade are then used to illustrate the Cooperative Calendar of Student Art that participating REMCs/RECs have distributed. Each of the numbered grades is given the corresponding month of the year to illustrate: 12 grades, 12 months. It’s a perfect combination. Kindergartners are assigned the cover each year. The calendar is localized by the participating cooperatives to provide important information to consumers such as billing and annual meeting dates, phone numbers and electrical safety and energy efficiency information. The calendar helps co-ops meet one of the 7 cooperative principles — member information and education. In addition, by being illustrated with student art, the calendar helps fulfill another of the 7 principles — commitment to community. As more art programs in schools face budgetary challenges, Indiana Connection believes encouraging the arts — the imagination, self-expression and creativity these disciplines stimulate — is vital to society. Not only do the arts produce aesthetic beauty and entertainment for our hearts and souls, studies after study show the arts play a key role alongside science, technology, engineering and math in producing the minds of well-rounded, problem-solving, thoughtful individuals needed to lead and run our modern, high-tech world.

Congratulations to our 2021 Winners!

Here are the students who will be gracing the pages of our 2021 Cooperative Calendar of Student Art.

Grade Division winners ($200)

Kindergarten: Lily Jones, Charlestown

First Grade: Violet Kesler, Warsaw

Second: Olivia DeShamp, Jasper

Third Grade: Evie Huff, Monrovia

Fourth Grade: SaRai Fontanez, Seymour

Fifth Grade: Logan Huff, Monrovia

Sixth Grade: Harley Koons, Seymour

Seventh Grade: Bryan Michael Yoder, Shipshewana

Eighth Grade: Hannah Stewart, Salem

Ninth Grade: Mary Batz, Williams

10th Grade: Elizabeth Miller, South Whitley

11th Grade: Danielle Sommerman, English

12th Grade: Evan Olinger, Sellersburg

Artist of the Year: Evan Olinger, $100 additional

Honorable Mention winners ($75)

Kindergarten: Ellie Sherman, Flora

First Grade: Primrose Jones, Charlestown

Second Grade: Victoria White, Medora

Third Grade: Knox Coen, Fairland

Fourth Grade: David White, Medora

Fifth Grade: Ally Brown, South Whitley

Sixth Grade: Jeremy J. Loveras, Lebanon

Seventh Grade: Alessandra Dominguez Javier, Seymour

Eighth Grade: Heidi Kreutz, Seymour

Ninth Grade: Lauren Brewster, Portland

10th Grade: Sanchali Pothuru, Carmel

11th Grade: Kayla Florian, Morocco

12th Grade: Emmaline Zink, Winona Lake

Click HERE to see the winning artwork from the 2021 winners



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