Truly embracing my five senses

Posted on Aug 01 2020 in From the Editor
Emily with roses

By Emily Schilling

Does your everyday life get in the way of your “best life?” I know I’m usually taking care of multiple demands, deadlines, appointments, and other responsibilities — you know, that day-to-day stuff — and not focusing on what’s really important. So, to help me realign my priorities, I’ve come up with a personal mission, based on our five senses, to help me reclaim “me.” 

Seeing: Seeing involves observing and studying, and also having vision. I must stay focused on the things that are truly important, and contribute my time and talent to causes to which I could make a difference.

Hearing: Listen to what others are saying — and what they’re not saying. There is more to communication than words. We can all “hear” by observing. No matter what means of “listening” I use, I need be open to what others are communicating.

Smelling: Stop and smell the roses. It’s not only OK to slow down; slowing down is necessary to enjoy life’s journey. I need to take the time to acknowledge milestones, successes and especially the happy times.

Touching: Make an effort to touch others’ lives every day. By making a positive impact on others, I can make my little corner of the world a little nicer for all concerned.

Speaking: Talk is cheap … unless you walk the talk. My words have the power to inspire others — and motivate myself. What we say matters. Don’t say something unless you mean it.

I want to learn new things and then share my experiences with others. That’s what using my five senses is all about. And it’s my way to leave a legacy.

EMILY SCHILLING is editor of Indiana Connection