Art from the heart

Posted on Mar 01 2020 in From the Editor
Emily with art pad and pencils

By Emily Schilling

As someone who spent her school years with paper, pencils, canvases and paint at the ready for whenever inspiration hit, I’m especially excited about this month’s issue. It explores the artistic aspects of the Hoosier state.

I love art. Seeing works by renowned masters like da Vinci, Monet, Van Gogh, Degas, Matisse and Rodin in museums around the world are high points of my life. 

Although I regretfully haven’t experienced the calming act of sketching in years, I’ll always remember how rewarding it felt to create a personal masterpiece on paper — a drawing that only I could claim.

Art is one of the best ways people of all ages can express themselves. That expression can manifest itself in the artist’s choice of medium, color palette, and subject matter. And each artist sees and presents the world differently. Art is never boring either to the artist or to those who view the finished product.

Creativity has no boundaries. Those who create have access to a special place in their minds where anything is possible. It’s a powerful feeling to go beyond real world restrictions and stretch the limits of reality. All it takes is a pencil or paintbrush or clay or other medium and an active imagination to artistically go where no one has gone before. But creativity can also manifest itself through out-of-the-box problem solving so critical in the scientific and tech worlds. 

I encourage everyone to spend some time exploring their artistic sides. I believe the best artwork doesn’t necessarily reside in a museum — it’s what YOU lovingly create from the heart and your imagination.

EMILY SCHILLING is editor of Indiana Connection