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Co-ops rooted in seven principles

Posted on Sep 26, 2022 in Boone REMC, Features

While co-ops operate in many industries and sectors of the economy, seven cooperative principles set co-ops apart from other businesses. The principles were first established in England in 1844 by the Rochdale (rhymes with “Scotch-Dale”) Equitable Pioneers Society, the first modern co-op organization. Over the years, the original guiding principles have been altered and added… Continue reading.

A history of cooperation

Posted on Sep 26, 2022 in Boone REMC, Features

Cooperatives in America are as old as the nation itself.  The first successful U.S. cooperative was organized in 1752 when Benjamin Franklin formed the Philadelphia Contributionship for the Insurance of Houses from Loss by Fire — the nation’s oldest continuing cooperative. It continues to operate today. Electric cooperatives began because investor-owned utilities did not find it… Continue reading.

Riding up those hills

Posted on Sep 24, 2022 in Travel

The hills of Monroe and Owen counties will be alive with the sound of music — not to mention the whirring of wheels, grinding of gears, huffing and puffing, and oohs and aahs of Indiana autumn splendor. The Hilly Hundred Weekend returns Oct. 21-23 for its 54th annual go-round … and up and down.  The… Continue reading.

County Profile: Warren County

Posted on Sep 23, 2022 in County

As one of Indiana’s most rural counties, Warren has fewer than 23 people per square mile. Much of its 366 square miles is devoted to agriculture, especially in the county’s northern and western parts where Indiana ends and the open prairies of Illinois begin. The county’s farmland is among the most productive in the state…. Continue reading.

Lines of Work

Posted on Sep 23, 2022 in Features

By Richard G. Biever Jaime Walker came out of college 14 years ago wanting to be a crusader for good. “I know that sounds a little cheesy,” she admits, “but I feel as if I was put on this earth to help people.” While she wore no superhero cape, she ducked inside her local REMC… Continue reading.

Heard in the Hoosier state

Posted on Sep 22, 2022 in From the Editor

By Emily Schilling Beware of “Bless your heart.” I’ve heard that Southerners will sometimes utter this seemingly sweet phrase as an insult with hidden meanings like: “Bless your heart. (It’s not your fault that you’re an idiot who screwed up again.)” Yikes! These three words — spoken with a drawl and a smile — prove… Continue reading.

The ‘spending years’

Posted on Aug 28, 2022 in Features

For decades, you’ve collected paychecks from an employer. But after you retire, you’ll be paying yourself — that is, withdrawing money from the nest egg you’ve saved. Unfortunately, many retirees, flush from having sudden access to a large sum of money, overpay themselves early in retirement. Some folks deplete their savings at a stage in… Continue reading.

Living for today

Posted on Aug 28, 2022 in From the Editor

By Emily Schilling As I look back at the hundreds of columns I’ve written over the years, I realize how much I’ve grown and changed — and how much I’ve stayed the same. I’m SO thankful that I was able to chronicle my musings, adventures, and memories through my editor’s letter. Not only was I… Continue reading.

Fat Cats

Posted on Aug 24, 2022 in Pets

By most estimates, well over half of all cats in the United States are overweight. A 2019 survey of pet owners and veterinarians suggests about 60 percent of cats are overweight or obese, a statistic that hasn’t budgedin recent years. To determine your cat’s body fat, during its annual physical exam the veterinarian will feel… Continue reading.

County Profile: Posey County

Posted on Aug 24, 2022 in County

With its interesting geographical, biological and historical stories, Posey County, located in Indiana’s southwest corner pocket, is like no other county in the state. Posey is the “big toe” of Indiana; it’s the farthest southwest of Indiana’s 92 counties. The Wabash River forms Posey’s western border with Illinois as it empties out into the Ohio… Continue reading.

Barn anew

Posted on Aug 24, 2022 in Features

By Richard G. Biever When Robyn and Jason Thompson tied the knot in 1998, she warned him the rope was attached to more than just her. “She told me when I married her, I married the land,” Jason said. “And she wasn’t lying.” That land is a 70-acre farm in eastern Morgan County. Once covering… Continue reading.

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