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Upgrade to save

Posted on Mar 23, 2022 in Energy

By Matt Strahl From cabinets to countertops, those building new homes have plenty of decisions to make. Some of those decisions go beyond the surface, affecting how comfortable you’ll be in your new home – and could lower your long-term energy use, saving money on utility bills. If you plan to build a new home,… Continue reading.

Continuing to explore EVs

Posted on Feb 24, 2022 in Energy

By Nick Geswein With the government directing funds to build a robust charging infrastructure and automobile manufacturers ramping up production, the interest in electric vehicles is growing. We received several responses after a recent article on EV myths, so we want to explore some of those questions in a follow-up article. How much does it… Continue reading.

Gain a clearer perspective on windows

Posted on Jan 24, 2022 in Energy

By Kim Burton Homeowners may grumble this time of year that their windows welcome the wintry chill into their house. Some may think that replacements clearly are the answer to energy savings. Yet it’s important to get the full picture to make the best decision for your home. The Moving Truth In most circumstances, upgrading… Continue reading.

Pulling the Plug on Some EV Myths

Posted on Dec 26, 2021 in Energy

By Linda Margison As the push for cleaner energy continues to pick up the pace, so too does the interest in electric vehicles. EVs, as they are known, are being manufactured in an increasing number of shapes, sizes and capabilities. Unfortunately, misleading information continues to surround electric vehicles. Let’s take the opportunity to bust a… Continue reading.

Daylight saving

Posted on Oct 27, 2021 in Energy

By Jackie McGlin Daylight saving time has had a rocky past in the U.S. In 1918, the shift in time was first observed — often seen as a World War I effort. Following the war, the time change was repealed in 1919 leading to a variety of times being observed across the nation. The same… Continue reading.

How the cost of electricity remains stable

Posted on Aug 25, 2021 in Energy

By Larry Edwards As we go grocery shopping or fill up at a gas station, we see first-hand how the cost of goods fluctuate.  Today, price changes are driven by factors beyond supply and demand. Cyber attacks can shut down systems as seen in the ransomware attacks on the Colonial Pipeline and meat processor JBS…. Continue reading.

Add-on comfort

Posted on Jul 26, 2021 in Energy

BY MATT BRAMES Do you have a room that never reaches the temperature you set at your thermostat? You are not alone! There are many reasons to consider adding additional heating and cooling to trouble areas like this and there is a solution I have found that is efficient and secure. Known as mini-split heat… Continue reading.

Smarter homes, part 2

Posted on Jun 26, 2021 in Energy

By Kevin Carpenter For many, “new technology” can be defined as “replace your current devices, usually at a substantial cost.” But here’s some good news: some new appliances and systems will instead help you keep more money in your wallet. Over the last few decades, technology has changed virtually every aspect of life: people can… Continue reading.

Smarter Homes, Part 1

Posted on May 25, 2021 in Energy

By Kevin Carpenter Wi-Fi enabled devices allow users to stream movies or ask a virtual assistant such as Amazon’s Alexa about the weather. Some homeowners also use Wi-Fi gadgets to better control energy use in their homes. As technology has improved, more devices that increase homeowners’ comfort have become available. Some new thermostats can be… Continue reading.

Surge Protectors

Posted on Apr 22, 2021 in Energy

By Zach Motsinger Those dusty black boxes stuffed behind entertainment centers that connect all of our devices can be misleading. While some of these devices are surge protectors, others are simply power strips. While one can help protect your equipment during a surge in energy the other is just a convenient way to plug in… Continue reading.

Another Wind in the Wall

Posted on Mar 24, 2021 in Energy

By Amanda Steeb A blustery chilly day may be the reason you’re avoiding the outdoors. It’s also the reason you have the electricity you need to stay inside. When you plug an appliance or device into a wall outlet, renewable resources are increasingly powering them up. Renewable energy resources such as wind and solar power… Continue reading.

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