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Posted on Mar 02, 2018 in From the Editor

By Emily Schilling A couple of months ago, I shared that I enjoy curling up with a good book when the weather outside is frightful. This winter, those frightful conditions were quite common so I’ve been able to make quite a dent in my “to be read” pile. Several of you wrote to offer recommendations… Continue reading.

The urge to purge

Posted on Feb 02, 2018 in From the Editor

By Emily Schilling It’s amazing what you can accumulate when you’ve spent a career in one building for one employer. Although during my work day I’m usually buried under piles of files and paper, and lists of things left to do, I must admit I didn’t realize what I had stored in my office and… Continue reading.

A real page-turner

Posted on Jan 02, 2018 in From the Editor

By Emily Schilling This bookworm wants to hibernate with a good read. Though we’re focusing on winter activities in this issue, I must admit: if I had my druthers, I’d hibernate for the next three months, only to emerge when I’d be assured springtime weather had really returned. I don’t like walking in a winter… Continue reading.

Spirit of the season

Posted on Dec 01, 2017 in From the Editor

It’s the beginning of December. Have you decked your halls yet?  My husband and I begin decorating for the holiday the day after Thanksgiving. I admit, I go a bit crazy with the decorations. Each November, I put up trees throughout the house — including the bathroom! Last year, I decided to cut back a… Continue reading.

A basket full of love & care

Posted on Oct 12, 2017 in From the Editor

By Emily Schilling With the preponderance of pink surrounding us this month, there’s no doubt that it’s October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Most everyone has been affected by cancer — either they have battled the disease or have family members or friends who have battled the disease. On this month’s Reader Submissions page, we salute… Continue reading.

They’re simply the best

Posted on Sep 02, 2017 in From the Editor

By Emily Schilling There’s an old quote: “Good, better, best. Never let it rest, until your good is better and your better is best.” Most of us aspire to be the best we can be. We like being the best, experiencing the best and applauding the best. This month’s issue showcases Indiana’s best as voted… Continue reading.

Let the chips fall where they may

Posted on Aug 02, 2017 in From the Editor

By Emily Schilling For me, it’s all about the deep fried (of course!) spiral potato chips. I’m embarrassed to say it’s one of main reasons I look forward to the State Fair each year. The chip vendor booth is the first stop I make after parking the car! If I had my druthers, I’d declare… Continue reading.

Fresh look, same focus — You!

Posted on Jul 03, 2017 in From the Editor

By Emily Schilling Things that can be refreshed: hat glass of iced tea you’re sipping our computer our attitude our wardrobe our electric cooperative magazine Welcome to the first issue of a refreshed Electric Consumer. Your electric cooperative magazine celebrates its 67th year with this issue. It’s an opportune time to change things up a… Continue reading.

I simply remember these things

Posted on Jun 03, 2017 in From the Editor

By Emily Schilling I’m a perennial list maker and most of what I commit to paper are my “to dos,” also known as “the list that never ends.” I may check stuff off, but, alas, the list continues to grow with new tasks that must be completed, usually ASAP. Therefore, any sense of accomplishment is… Continue reading.

Long may it wave in Gotham and Indiana

Posted on May 03, 2017 in From the Editor

By Emily Schilling Baddies of gotham city, beware! The Caped Crusader is out there — and so is the city’s striking royal blue flag. But did you know that Batman’s hometown flag is inspired by the current Indiana state flag and our state’s previous banner which featured Indiana’s state seal? Why a fictional playground for… Continue reading.

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