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Dressed for success

Posted on Sep 19, 2018 in From the Editor

Regular readers of my column won’t be surprised by this revelation: I like to dress up for Halloween. If I’m confident enough to show 274,000 readers what I look like in clown makeup (see August issue), of course I’m game to wear a silly costume to work!  For years, the Electric Consumer staff took top… Continue reading.

Best of Indiana 2018

Posted on May 22, 2018 in Features, General

With summer just a few weeks away, now’s the perfect time to add new places to your Hoosier bucket lists. Electric Consumer readers have been providing their picks of places to check out since we announced in March that our “Readers’ Choice Awards” would be back. After sharing their favorites in four categories — Best… Continue reading.

The Best of Indiana

Posted on Aug 24, 2017 in Features, General

Electric Consumer readers know what they like, and they were eager to tell us.  Since we first asked for input in May, readers let us know their favorite things from all over Indiana. Your picks for “the best” showcase just what makes our state special! This is the sixth time in 15 years that we’ve… Continue reading.

For those who dabble in SCRABBLE

Posted on Aug 05, 2016 in From the Editor

As a writer, I find fonts are my friends. Vocabulary is my vocation. Words are my wheelhouse. If you want to play a game of Yahtzee, I’ll probably opt out. But if you’re up for a SCRABBLE challenge, I just might be your girl. Did you know SCRABBLE fans can flaunt their finesse with 50… Continue reading.

More ‘Sweetheart’ stories

Posted on Feb 05, 2016 in Features

Readers weren’t shy about sharing their love stories for February’s ‘How I Met My Sweetheart’ feature. Though we only had room for 13 letters and six excerpts in the print version of Electric Consumer, there were many more reader-written stories that touched our hearts. We’d like to share some of them with you. Check back… Continue reading.

A lesson in the Legislature

Posted on Apr 07, 2015 in For Youth

Young co-op members participate in Page Day Thirty-five teens from 15 Indiana electric cooperatives spent Jan. 26 learning about Indiana government firsthand during REMC Page Day. The students, aged 13-18, toured the Indiana Statehouse — including the governor’s office — observed a session of the House of Representatives, attended committee meetings, assisted legislative staff and… Continue reading.

Brand New, All for You

Posted on Feb 16, 2013 in From the Editor

As soon as I retrieve a magazine from my mailbox, I thumb through it to check out my favorite features. That first look-see through the latest issue is kind of like listening to a new song, or even meeting someone for the first time. It’s fun. It quenches my curiosity. And, rather quickly, I can… Continue reading.

Shopping smarter

Posted on Sep 28, 2012 in From the Editor

The local television news this morning reported grocery prices would be rising 2-5 percent because of this summer’s drought. No big surprise there. Weather is unpredictable and uncontrollable, and it can affect us hardest in the pocketbook. But since grocery shopping always has to be done, no matter what the items cost, it’s not like… Continue reading.

Come Together

Posted on Sep 13, 2011 in From the Editor

It’s said that a part of who we are is defined by those landmark events that are seared into our memories. Depending on how old we are, those key points in history vary. Perhaps for you it’s when World War II ended, or when John F. Kennedy was assassinated, or when the Berlin Wall fell…. Continue reading.

Snow Going

Posted on Jan 12, 2011 in From the Editor

Cold, snowy winter days are especially challenging when you live off a narrow, winding gravel road surrounded by acres of trees. On the rare occasions when we don’t have to venture out in the season’s elements, I do admit it’s quite nice to look out the window and admire the pristine snow carpeting the ground… Continue reading.

Horse Sense

Posted on Apr 16, 2008 in From the Editor

I’m writing from a chilly horse barn. I’m watching my daughter perched atop a willful, yet beautiful, horse named Tucker. They’ve spent most of an hour trotting — first in a clockwise circle, then counterclockwise. Over and over again, they travel together around the dressage barn going faster than I’ve seen them go before. After… Continue reading.