The gift of warmth

Posted on Dec 01 2019 in From the Editor
Emily with blanket

By Emily Schilling

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is spreading some holiday cheer to a lucky reader. In the past, I’ve given out ornaments, Christmas CDs, one of my favorite holiday movies and a gift basket of Christmas goodies. This year, I’d like to share something meaningful as well as practical: the gift of warmth.

With the emergence of winter’s chill, I can often be found snuggled in a throw blanket — not just at home, but often while I’m at my desk at work. In fact, as I write this column, there’s a throw draped over my shoulder! I hate being cold!

However, there are people throughout the state facing the coldest months of the year, without blankets, coats, gloves and hats to shield them from bitter temperatures. December — and the next few months of upcoming snow and ice — are not a winter wonderland if you’re not prepared for the elements.

Several REMCs, and organizations in your communities, collect hats, scarves and gloves to distribute to those in need. During this holiday season, consider donating snuggly fleece and knitted items for folks who are struggling. Not only will you give the gift of warmth to others, you’ll get a warm feeling inside, too. And, that feeling will make your Christmas extra special.

Wishing you a warm and blessed Christmas!

EMILY SCHILLING is editor of Indiana Connection