Early to bed and early to rise

Posted on Aug 02 2019 in From the Editor
Emily with blanket and clock

By Emily Schilling

As much as I say I hate getting up early, my darned internal clock usually awakens me at 5 a.m. even on those days I can sleep in. Of course, I also typically nod off by 9 p.m. (no late night TV for me!) so I get an adequate amount of sleep most nights.

Early to bed and early to rise may not necessarily make someone healthy, wealthy and wise, but according to author Tamara Rahoumi, having some extra alone time in the morning can do wonders for your attitude. 

For instance, during those early morning hours you aren’t constrained by workday pressures or deadlines. There’s no need to make decisions and, in most cases (hopefully), you don’t have to worry about anyone else’s needs but your own. Your time is your own so you can just pause and, as they say, “be in the moment.”

This is your time to reflect, enjoy the stillness all around you (if no one else is awake) and revel in the calmness that always seems to be lacking during the rest of the day.  

Since your brain tends to become more analytical as the day goes on, those early hours are your most creative. I can vouch for that. Some of my best ideas are born when I’m alone with my thoughts in the morning.

The next time you’re wide awake before the alarm goes off and you can’t go back to sleep, don’t fret. Try reveling in these “found” hours of solitude. The peace and quiet may be just what you need to tackle your daily grind.

EMILY SCHILLING is editor of Indiana Connection