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Keeping the grill fires burning

Posted on Aug 31, 2017 in DIY

BY ART DRAGOO Outdoor grilling is a weekend ritual in Indiana, whether it’s at a tailgate party, a getaway to the lake or just having family over to the backyard. But as the leaves begin to change and the air gets crisper, only the most committed grillers keep cooking through the winter. For the rest… Continue reading.

Choosing the right paint applicator

Posted on Jul 01, 2017 in DIY

BY CURTIS GILLMAN Choosing a suitable paint formula, sheen and color are all key to getting great results from a paint project. But the tools you use to apply your paint are just as important! So as you plan your summer painting project, here are some guidelines to help you select appropriate brushes and rollers,… Continue reading.

Creating an emergency kit

Posted on May 01, 2017 in DIY

By Richard Halcomb Emergency situations, such as severe storms, floods, hazardous chemical spills, or other disasters, can and do happen, often without much warning. So, it’s smart to have a pre-assembled emergency kit ready to go — just in case. To help you create your own emergency kit, here is a suggested supply list along… Continue reading.

Plan before you plant

Posted on Feb 23, 2017 in DIY

This month, Electric Consumer introduces a new column that will alternate monthly with Jack Spaulding’s “Great Outdoors.” “Do-It-Yourself,” produced in cooperation with Do it Best Corp., will offer tips on how to tackle various projects homeowners must deal with regularly. Let us know what you think of the column and the alternating schedule with Jack’s… Continue reading.

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