Join the outdoor improvement boom

Posted on Feb 24 2022 in DIY
Patio Photo

Many folks have rediscovered the importance of home improvement, and that’s led to a renewed focus on enhancing their outdoor spaces. Young homeowners today are taking more pride in their yards, largely bypassing paid services for a DIY approach. Whether it’s a basic cleanup, adding pizzazz to your next backyard gathering, or improving curb appeal, we’ve got some tips for getting your piece of the outdoors in shipshape this spring.

Power Up — When yard work requires extra oomph, invest in some key pieces of outdoor power equipment. Many tools — including lawnmowers — have gone cordless as consumers seek greener options, and that’s resulted in even longer-life batteries. Gas-powered equipment is still plentiful: just make sure to buy the right oil for mixing if necessary.

Chainsaws and pruning saws make quick work of dead trees and limbs. Trimmers clear out weed overgrowth and do double duty as an edger and grass trimmer in spots a lawnmower can’t reach. A leaf blower can quickly disperse wayward grass clippings.

Clean Up — If your driveway, sidewalks, and paved walkways are looking dingy, a pressure washer easily cuts through the grime. The same goes for vinyl siding, especially on the north side where algae can form. Enhance it with an application-specific detergent that’s safe for kids, pets, and plants.

Clear debris from your landscaping and ditch old mulch and dead foliage. Lay a new sheet of weed control fabric with cut-outs to accommodate plants and shrubs, then spread fresh mulch. Pruning shears and hedgers help redefine shapes, keep the overgrowth from blocking sunlight near windows, and spur new growth. If it’s all in good condition, simply turn mulch over with a rake to give it new life.  

Green Up — Several varieties of grass seed are available for large areas or small bare spot repair. Multi-step lawn fertilizers, weed inhibitors, and disease control products are great preventatives that do require consistency. Prep for dry summer months with multi-functional lawn sprinklers and sprayers, and keep hoses tidy with a wheeled or fixed storage unit or wall hanger.

Gussy Up — Even a small connection to nature makes your home more inviting and improves curb appeal when selling. Try some perennials, annuals, or bulbs in porch or windowsill plant boxes. Or create a large planter to anchor your patio with a colorful focal point. Handheld garden tools like a cultivator, trowel, and bulb planter will get you started.     

Hardscaping materials like river rock, decorative stone pavers, edging, and border walls take a little more muscle but are very achievable DIY. Decking, pergolas, fencing, and outdoor lighting add a “wow factor” that takes your outdoor space to another level! 

Liven Up — Before inviting guests to gather, freshen up your patio furniture with a cleaner and some elbow grease. Or upgrade to a decorative chat set with comfy padded chairs and a festive patio umbrella.   

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