For safety’s sake

Posted on May 25 2024 in DIY
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By Mike Radamaker

June is National Safety Month, which focuses on emergency preparedness and injury and accident prevention. Let’s explore some simple, cost-effective DIY investments to enhance your family’s safety at home and gain peace of mind.


Integrated landscape lighting boosts safety and aesthetic appeal by eliminating dark shadows around your home. Low-voltage kits brighten walkways and landscape features. Bury cables under mulch beds or in shallow trenches for a tidy look and to reduce tripping hazards. Add solar path lights where cables don’t reach. A motion-sensing porch light welcomes guests and deters intruders. Equip other outdoor spaces with motion-sensing flood lights with adaptive dawn-to-dusk timers. While away, programmable smart bulbs in lamps give the appearance that you are home. Opt for long-life, efficient LED bulbs inside and out to help lower energy bills.


Fortify entry points by upgrading windows, doors, and locks. Stick-on wireless contact alarms for windows emit a piercing sound when their magnetic seal is broken. A hotel-style door security latch bolsters security, especially in rentals. Swap out old locks for electronic smart locks that let you create and manage codes for people needing temporary access. Consider an exterior garage door opener keypad with programmable access codes, too. Help prevent forced entry with door reinforcement kits and high-security deadbolts.


Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms are essential. Smart models alert your phone to the slightest detection of fire or dangerous gas build-ups and send reminders to check batteries. Interconnected smoke alarms work together to send alerts throughout your home. Tuck a few fire extinguishers around your house and near your grill. Stow a collapsible fire escape ladder in older kids’ rooms and ensure they know how to use it.


When tackling outdoor DIY with small machinery, keep safety top of mind. Grab protective glasses, dust masks, and ear protection to avoid injury from flying debris, loud motors, and kicked-up dust and pollen. Heavy-duty suede work gloves and knee pads help prevent blisters and achy joints. Apply non-slip treads to garage floors, outdoor steps, ladder rungs, and slippery areas. Finally, pick up a handy first-aid kit for dealing with minor injuries quickly.

Mike Radamaker

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