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Heartland REMC is a member-owned electric cooperative headquartered in northeastern Indiana. As a cooperative, Heartland REMC follows seven core principles that are universal to cooperatives worldwide. Among those principles is one stressing education, training and information. Indiana Connection, a monthly magazine published especially for Indiana’s electric cooperative members, is one way the REMC informs and educates its members. Indiana Connection is available not only in a print format, but as an electronic publication for those who prefer getting their information on their electronic devices.

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Don’t be fooled by scammers

Posted on Nov 04, 2019 in Heartland REMC

Heartland REMC wants you to be aware of ongoing phone and email scams that are targeting members.   Phone scammers posing as Heartland REMC, by rigging the caller ID to make it look like a Heartland REMC phone number, will call and tell you that your account has been “red flagged” for disconnection due to… Continue reading.

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