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Make time to save money

Posted on Nov 07, 2021 in Heartland REMC

Who has to time to save energy? You’re a busy person; we get that. If you spend your life thinking about energy efficiency, well, you’d probably be working for us. But even though you might not have 40 hours a week to spend noodling over ways to save energy, there’s still lots you can do… Continue reading.

Pump up your pool’s efficiency

Posted on Jul 08, 2021 in Heartland REMC

BY GARRETT KEISER After working  in the backyard, a swimming pool provides the perfect summer retreat. But who wants it to be a wallet drain? Soak up these pool efficiency tips to save money while maintaining your personal, pristine oasis. Each pool is equipped with an energy guzzler: the pump. The bigger the pump, the… Continue reading.

Suds and Savings

Posted on May 05, 2021 in Heartland REMC

Your clothes washer and dryer account for a significant portion of energy consumption from major appliances, and let’s face it––laundry is no one’s favorite chore. Make the most of your laundry energy use! There are several easy ways you can save energy (and money) in the laundry room. The Department of Energy recommends the following… Continue reading.

Holiday lighting tips

Posted on Dec 06, 2020 in Heartland REMC

2020 has been, without a doubt, an unusual year for all of us. As we look toward the end of the year, one thing that we can always count on is the joy of the holiday season.  One of my greatest joys is holiday decorating.  If you are like me and are looking to refresh… Continue reading.

Teaching youngsters the important lesson of energy efficiency

Posted on Aug 31, 2020 in Heartland REMC

Electronics, mobile devices, TVs, computers, and gaming stations have become fixtures in our homes,  particularly those with children. Consumer electronics coupled with the more and more smart home appliances, technology, and electric vehicles have slowly but steadily changed our homes and lifestyles. COVID-19 is forcing us to spend more time at home and has forced… Continue reading.

Phase out the “phantom” load

Posted on Dec 27, 2018 in Heartland REMC

Don’t let the Ghost of Christmas Presents Past haunt you 24/7 With the holidays over, we are all attempting to get back to normal. That normal could be different now when it comes to your electric consumption depending on how many new toys/ devices are in the home. Holiday presents in the 21st century have… Continue reading.