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Across the Waters

Posted on Oct 13, 2011 in Features

How do you build a better world? By changing one life, one farm, one village  at a time. Driven by this premise, the nation’s consumer-owned electric cooperatives brought power and light to millions of rural residents across the United States 75 years ago, forever altering the economic fortunes of rural America. During the Kennedy administration,… Continue reading.

When the Russians Were Coming!

Posted on Jul 12, 2011 in Features

Introduction Revisiting our back pages brings Cold War chills and thrills Twenty years ago this December, the Soviet Union went kaputski. It seems hard to believe it’s been that long since the “evil empire,” whose leaders once boasted they’d bury the West, was shoveled out onto the ash heap of history. An entire generation of… Continue reading.

Crimping Crime

Posted on Apr 25, 2011 in Features

In the wee-hour darkness one February morning, a 31-year-old man made his way to the roof of an industrial complex in downtown Indianapolis. He headed to a bank of electrical transformers. Police said he was looking to steal copper wire he could then cash in at a scrap yard. His partner down on the street… Continue reading.


Posted on Feb 28, 2011 in Features

The winter sunrise had just begun turning the tree tops along the ridge to the west into a vein of gold against the pale blue sky. But shadows still veiled the snow-covered land down in the hollow where the road crossed over Coal Creek. There, Marsha Williamson Mohr pulled her white Subaru off to the… Continue reading.

Prices Under Pressure

Posted on Jan 12, 2011 in Features

Clamps and vices are made for holding things stable. But you don’t have to be a master carpenter to know that when too much pressure is applied while using them, the object between the grips can crack, crimp or warp. The result is the opposite effect: the object becomes destabilized and damaged. Electric utilities are… Continue reading.

Hoosier Salon Honors Student Artists

Posted on Nov 22, 2010 in Features, For Youth

Thirteen of the 22 winning students from the 2011 Cooperative Calendar of Student Art attended a special recognition reception at the Indiana State Museum in Indianapolis, Sept. 30. The event was the first in the new partnership between Electric Consumer, which produces the calendar each year for some 20-participating electric cooperatives, and the Hoosier Salon,… Continue reading.

Catching Wind

Posted on Sep 22, 2010 in Energy, Features

Tilt toward wind turbines needs to be more than a monetary quest Bartholomew County grain farmer Jay Shoaf could hardly be confused with Don Quixote, the retired country gentleman of 17th century Spanish literature. To make better the world, Quixote, the story goes, set aside sanity to become an idealistic “knight-errant,” and wound up jousting… Continue reading.

Stretching Her Wings

Posted on May 12, 2010 in Features, For Youth

Contest’s youngest ‘Artist of the Year’ blazes her own artistic trail Heidi Ziebarth is an 11-year-old with a sense for adventure and a love for nature. Her family’s Warsaw home backs up to a small neighborhood lake where she spends much of her time outdoors exploring. And for the subject of an upcoming speech in school,… Continue reading.

Flights of Fancy

Posted on May 12, 2010 in Features, For Youth

Blend the soaring imaginations and passions of almost 2,800 student artists from around Indiana with monthly calendar themes and what do you get? The 13th annual Student Art Contest and subsequent publication, Cooperative Calendar of Student Art, is what. The wall calendar, made available by participating electric cooperatives around the state and Electric Consumer in… Continue reading.

Utility Scale

Posted on Mar 05, 2010 in Features

“Utility scale” is one of those vague phrases the media, including Electric Consumer, use in stories about the electric utility industry when no other words seem to succinctly suffice. “Utility scale” means something big … really big. “Utility scale” describes the size and scope of the generation, transmission and distribution equipment required to reliably and… Continue reading.


Posted on Feb 28, 2010 in Features

Few things cripple power lines like an ice storm. A year ago at this time, in late January 2009, one of the largest such storms on record swept through the central United States, coating power lines with up to 3 inches of ice. Thousands of miles of power lines and tens of thousands of utility… Continue reading.

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