12 Days of Holiday Safety

Posted on Nov 27 2021 in Features
Ornament with LED lights

Make safety a part of your holiday with these tips. Tackle one a day and    you’re well on your way to  a safe New Year!

Day 1: Test your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. Make sure everyone knows what to do if they start beeping.

Day 2: Inspect all electrical items, decorations, and extension cords for damage before you use them.

Day 3: Don’t overload outlets with too many cords from your decorations and devices.

Day 4: Test your ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) and arc fault circuit interrupters (AFCIs) to make sure they’re protecting you.

Day 5: Prevent trips and falls by keeping cords safely along walls and out of doorways and high traffic areas.

Day 6: Make sure you don’t put lights, metal hooks,  ornaments and other small decorations within reach of young children.

Day 7: Keep your Christmas tree stand full of water. A fresh green tree poses less risk of fire than a dry tree.

Day 8: Decorating with candles? Blow them out before leaving a room or going to bed.

Day 9: Keep space heaters at least three feet away from anything that can burn — decorations, trees, gifts and curtains.

Day 10: Consider installing tamper-resistant outlets/receptacles so kids won’t be able to insert objects into the slots.

Day 11: Share your family fire escape plan with overnight guests. Don’t have an escape plan? Be sure you create one as soon as possible.

Day 12: Keep children away from cooking areas. Use back burners and turn pot handles in and away from little hands.