The lawncare crew that loves its job

You might have driven past one of the 10 cooperative solar arrays throughout central and southern Indiana. Each site provides renewable energy to co-ops like yours and is the size of nine football fields. This creates a challenge in the summer months — lawncare. 

Hoosier Energy has hired a crew to help keep the grass under control at the solar site near Columbus, Indiana. They are good at what they do. They also have four legs!

Thirty sheep call this solar site their home away from home. 

As the solar panels generate renewable energy, it only makes sense to have an environmental-friendly solution to lawn care. 

“Having the sheep on site allows us to keep the land in use for agricultural production while generating energy,” said Josh Cisney, renewable energy project developer.

The sheep don’t ask for much, just a few meals, water and some shade to rest their weary hooves. 

See the sheep at the solar site on Hoosier Energy’s YouTube page: