Take the surprise out of energy bills

Posted on Mar 17 2024 in Bartholomew County REMC


Bartholomew County REMC has an easy and convenient way for residential members to pay for electricity. It’s called Prepay, and it allows members to pay upfront for electricity before they ever use a single kilowatt-hour!

Prepay helps you control your budget by making payments into your account as you can afford to do so. Simply add money to your Bartholomew County REMC Prepay account online, over the phone, or in our office, as your account needs to be filled – like filling up your gas tank! You will need to visit our office or website to sign up for the Prepay option and make an initial payment into your account to get the electricity flowing. No deposit is required for Prepay, and members will not have late fees. Existing members who wish to switch to Prepay will have their deposits applied to their accounts. Some restrictions apply.

Would it be easier for you to make weekly or bi-weekly payments rather than one large monthly payment? If so, Prepay may be for you.

  • Eliminate deposits, monthly bills, and late fees
  • Receive balance notices by e-mail or text message
  • Pay what you want when you want

How do I sign up?
Call our office at 812-372-2546 or visit bcremc.com/member-services/payment-billing for details. You will be asked to have your account current, including any unbilled usage.


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Bartholomew County REMC offers an alternative billing plan called Levelized Billing, which allows a member to equalize their bill by paying close to the same amount each month.

How does levelized billing work?

Levelized accounts are averaged monthly from your last 12 months of bills.

The levelized amount will fluctuate slightly and may not always be the same amount each month.

With the levelized billing, your October bill has a catch-up month every year.

Each month, the amount that is the Actual Account Balance After Billing section of your bill will be divided by 12, and that amount will be added to your bill to avoid a large payoff in your catch-up month in October.

If the Total Levelized Amount Due is not paid by the time your next bill is printed or if your payment does not reach our office before the next bill prints, you will automatically be removed from levelized billing.

Any overpayment above the levelized bill amount will go toward your holding cell amount and will not lower the amount of your levelized bill amount due on your next statement.