We are prepared — rain or shine

Posted on Jul 09 2024 in Bartholomew County REMC

Courtney Metzger
Courtney Metzger

The month of July has always been a favorite of mine. It’s the middle of summer, we enjoy cookouts with friends, and of course, we celebrate Independence Day! We know, though, that our fun in the sun can be threatened by an occasional severe storm. If July comes in with a boom from storms, you can trust that Bartholomew County REMC is ready to respond.

The major cause of most power outages is damage to power lines caused by falling trees and branches. We work year-round — through right-of-way clearing — to prevent power lines in our service territory from being damaged by trees, branches, or other types of vegetation.

Despite proactive measures, major storms can still lead to damage at transmission stations, substations, and power lines.

Our top priority during such events is the safe restoration of power to as many members as quickly as possible.

We start by mobilizing our line crews and other critical staff. Priority is given to resolving significant issues like damage to transmission lines serving thousands of members before addressing localized damage in other areas. These problems must be corrected before we can focus on other territories where only a few homes have a power outage.

Next, BCREMC’s line crews inspect substations to determine whether the problem is there or if the issue is down the line. If the root of the problem is at the substation, we investigate whether the grid can be switched using our Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system and power rerouted from another substation to restore power to as many members as possible.

Next, line crews focus on primary service lines. They look for a fault or damage to the lines. Line crews will then repair the damaged lines, restoring power to the mid-size outages. By once again leveraging our SCADA technology, we can quickly identify alternative power sources and reroute electricity to areas affected by the outage. If you continue to experience an outage, there may be damage to your home or business. We call this a single outage, where only one member is out of power. The outage might be caused by issues with the transformer, the tri-plex running into your home, or a meter/ meter base problem.

While we strive to prevent outages, nature sometimes intervenes. When a storm does hit, stay updated on outage information through our Facebook page. Have a fun and safe July, hopefully, full of sunny days.