Operation Round Up

Posted on Jul 09 2024 in Bartholomew County REMC
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Since 1997, Operation Round Up has provided grants to help organizations in the Bartholomew County REMC service territory.

Bartholomew REMC Membership Community Trust, Inc. oversees Operation Round Up, a voluntary initiative that allows BCREMC members to donate funds to help organizations in need by rounding up their electric bills to the nearest dollar.

As a cooperative member, you can round up your monthly bill to the nearest dollar to support Operation Round Up!

Operation Round Up funds support our community in big ways — everything from medical supplies and food, to childhood and adult learning.


  • Sign up for Operation Round Up on our website or by phone
  • Members allow us to round up their electric bills to the nearest dollar
  • Those pennies are then put into a special account to later be awarded by the Operation Round Up Trustees
  • Applications are reviewed and grants awarded at its quarterly meeting

To learn more or sign up, please visit bcremc.com/member-services/operation-roundup.

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