Service: the heart of our community

BCREMC takes pride in giving back

Posted on Jan 30 2017 in Bartholomew County REMC
Jim Turner general manager and CEO of Bartholomew County REMC


Serving our community is at the heart of our members and BCREMC. Since 1997, we’ve provided $781,800 back to the community through our Operation Round Up program.

I’m seeing red and pink in all the stores. Valentine’s Day is a fun holiday to recognize loved ones. However, the cards, balloons and candy covering the aisles this time of year miss the mark. I need a card for our community!

It’s great to let loved ones know you care about them, but let’s go a step further. As a member-owned electric cooperative, Bartholomew County REMC is committed to powering our community and empowering you to improve your quality of life. How can life be better in Bartholomew County? We need hearts for service.

On Feb. 14, take time to send a valentine to a police officer, firefighter or a community volunteer. Give candy (or an apple) to a school teacher. Visit a retirement home and spend time with the folks who built our community and remember the history of when it all started. Send balloons — or better yet, a donation— to the United Way, a hospice or your favorite non-profit. These champions are the heart of our community.

But, why stop there? Through Operation Round Up, members like you are collectively donating thousands each year to strengthen our community. In 2016, the membership trust gave more than $52,820 in grants to 18 organizations right here in Bartholomew County. You, the members, are the heart of our community. Thank you for giving your love —and spare change — to the effort.

Our members have rounded up their electric bills since 1997, donating more than $731,800 to service groups across our community through Operation Round Up.

Bartholomew County REMC and its directors and employees have also been United Way supporters for many years.  The total contribution in 2016 to the United Way, including the fish fry, payroll deductions and other contributions was over $11,000!

On Valentine’s Day (and every day), let’s celebrate service, the heart of our community.

JIM TURNER is general manager and CEO of Bartholomew County REMC.