Power line safety

Video brings awareness to the dangers energized power lines pose

Photo of Hoosier Employee doing a live line demo video

Staying safe is just as important for the Hoosier Energy workforce and member co-ops as it is for consumers like you. That is why Hoosier Energy worked with a member cooperative to create a live line demonstration to help cooperatives show the dangers of energized power lines. 

While you might have seen a similar demonstration at your co-op’s annual meeting, it is always good to review the importance to be safe around power lines.  

The video covers important topics including: 

  • How improperly installed backup generators can put voltage onto power lines when there is an outage. This can put line crews at risk as they work to restore power. 
  • The top ways the public comes in contact with power lines include: working on rooftop antennas, using ladders and coming into contact with poles. 
  • How tree limbs that come in contact with power lines can conduct energy through the tree to those who might be touching the tree.
  • What to do if you get in an automotive accident and a power line is on your vehicle. 
  • Hoosier Energy partners with its member cooperatives to produce videos like this to help consumers like you stay safe. 

To view the video, search “MyHoosierEnergy” on YouTube and look for the live line demonstration video.