Electricity brings everyday value

Posted on Apr 09 2024 in Bartholomew County REMC
Courtney Metzger

Even though I work in the energy industry, like most people, I still don’t think much about the electricity I use. I expect the lights to turn on when I flip the switch and the coffeemaker to work each morning. Because electricity is so accessible, we don’t think much about it. Yet, we still expect an endless power supply with uninterrupted service 24/7.

Given how electricity powers our modern lifestyle every day, it’s a significant value, especially when compared to other common services and expenses that have experienced inflation. In our service territory, the average monthly residential power bill is about $165. That’s only about $5.50 a day! We know that number can fluctuate, but when you think about the current price of gas, or even the cost of a gallon of milk, $5.50 per day to power just about everything in your home is quite reasonable compared to other consumer goods and services.

Like most of us, my family has cell phones and gadgets to stay connected, and we subscribe to streaming services to enjoy more viewing options. We also couldn’t imagine life without our electric vehicle, which allows us to “fill the tank” at home for less than $8.

Many of us consider these necessities now and can clearly see what we’re getting for our money. In contrast, sometimes when we use electricity, we don’t necessarily always “see” the value. When you think about it though, we count on it for everyday life essentials like lighting, heating, air conditioning, and running our appliances. Run your dishwasher for $0.21 per load. Watch TV for 4 hours a day for $13 for the whole year. Keep your food cold all month for $24. That’s a value I know I can’t live without!

The last couple of years have brought challenges as our community felt the effects of inflation and has seen prices of almost everything rise. Here at your cooperative, we are also focused on keeping your electric service as affordable as possible. We are committed to bringing you the best value for your dollar.

BCREMC provides the reliable service you expect and deserve as valued co-op member-owners. We are your electric co-op, and our sole purpose is to serve you and the needs of our community. Now that’s everyday value!

Electricity is still a great value!

One cup specialty coffee = one day of electricity

One lunch out = two days of electricity

One tank of gas (18 GALLONS @ $3.00/GALLON) = 10 days of electricity

Movie, medium popcorn, and drink = three days of electricity