Operation Round Up 2023 Annual Report

Posted on Mar 17 2024 in Bartholomew County REMC

Since 1997, Operation Round Up has provided grants to help organizations and individuals in Bartholomew County REMC’s service territory.

Bartholomew REMC Membership Community Trust, Inc. oversees Operation Round Up, a voluntary initiative, allowing BCREMC members to donate funds to help those in need by rounding up their electric bills to the nearest dollar.

The program’s success relies on members’ support and the dedication of the Bartholomew County REMC Membership Community Fund’s Board of Trustees. The Trustees’ primary duty is to evaluate applications quarterly and determine how to distribute the money best. The next application deadline is June 1 by noon.

Apply online at bcremc.com/member-services/operation-roundup.

In 2023, Operation Round Up grants totaled $26,099 to aid 16 organizations. Funds awarded to date for the program: $955,870!


Throughout the year, your pennies raise thousands of dollars to help organizations and individuals with special needs in our community. Approximately 35% of Bartholomew County REMC members contribute to the fund by rounding bills to the nearest dollar. Thank you to those who contribute. If you would like to join, please tell us! The typical contribution amount for the year is $5 to $7.


Gary Dismore, Chair

Tammy Hege, Vice-Chair

Kim Speaker, Secretary/Treasurer

Brett Ferry

Jill Forster

Jason Schroer

Leighton Turner

2023 Grants Awarded

Clay Township Volunteer FD, $1,410 — Chainsaw 

BC School Supply Assistance Program, $4,000 — 2023 program assistance 

Turning Point, $1,889 — Mulch ($560) and dryer ($1,329) 

Humane Society, $1,000 — Feral cat enclosure 

Southwest VFD, $1,300 — Two chainsaws 

Imagination Library, $500 — Books for kids 

Whitecreek Lutheran School, $2,500 — Volleyball net 

Ivy Tech Foundation, $500 — Pedal tractor and sled 

Family Service, $500 — Therapy resource items 

Reins to Recovery, $1,000 — Gutters for ring 

Indiana University Columbus, $500 — Food pantry items 

Jennings County Coordinating Council, $500 — Food baskets 

Community Center of Hope, $500 — Food pantry items 

Love Chapel, $6,000 — Food pantry items 

Salvation Army, $3,000 — Food pantry items 

Columbus East Food Pantry, $1,000 — Food pantry items