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Posted on Jan 09 2021 in Bartholomew County REMC

First quarter tracker

The power we buy from our power supplier Hoosier Energy, to sell to you constantly fluctuates in price. Because of this, the tracker will again be a credit for the first quarter. The energy tracker, that adjusts quarterly, allows us to keep our base rates consistent, but still collect the money we will owe for the purchased power. 

There is no markup in the tracker. There is no profit made from the tracker. It is not a flat fee. It is only a fluctuating pass-through cost from our power supplier to us and then to you. 

Reflected on mid-January bills, Bartholomew County REMC members will see a wholesale tracker adjustment, effective Jan. 1. The first quarter tracker will be a credit of $0.004824 per kwh. That makes the total per kwh $0.104596, a decrease from last quarter.

Please contact our office if you have any questions regarding your electric bill. 

Operation Round UP tax deduction

Remember to look at your first BCREMC bill of the year to see your total Operation Round Up contribution for 2020.  Your contributions are a charitable donation to the Bartholomew County Community Fund Trust and are tax deductible. Approximately 55 percent of our membership participated in Operation Round Up during 2020.  Please consider rounding up your bill to the nearest dollar!  Pennies truly make a difference in our community.

Youth programs canceled

Regrettably, we’ve come to the conclusion that we cannot safely host the 2021 Page Day, Indiana Youth Tour or Touchstone Energy Camp. The health and safety of our students and chaperones are always our priority. The current state of the pandemic prevents us from safely offering Page Day in January and, with Youth Tour, there are just too many uncertainties for us to plan a quality trip with the information available at this time.