Lord Love a Duck!

… and 14 Ducklings!

Posted on May 29 2015 in Co-op Connection

duckfeatureThis spring, the enclosed courtyard at Indiana Electric Cooperatives’ office building, home to Electric Consumer, on the west side of Indianapolis, once again served as the maternity ward for a mallard duck. She flew into the courtyard, which is open to the outside only from above, and bedded down on the mulch beside the small courtyard’s patio, flowers, shrubs and two small ornamental trees. But when her brood of 14 ducklings hatched, the only way out was through the doors.

Here’s a video that captured the periodic round up (this was the fourth duck hatching in the courtyard in 16 years), and a dramatic turn of events that forced Indiana Electric Cooperatives and Wabash Valley Power Association staff to intervene a second time on behalf of the momma mallard and her ducklings.

Click here to visit our video on YouTube.