Why involvement in your co-op matters

Posted on Dec 22 2020 in Grassroots
Group with hands together in circle

America was founded on a cooperative spirit. Working together, helping each other for the mutual good – this is the American way. And for good reason: cooperative organizations provide their consumers economic, social and cultural benefits that often wouldn’t be available otherwise.

That’s the way it is with electric power cooperatives which were formed to get power to the people, farms and businesses of rural America. One of the nation’s first — Boone REMC — was formed right here in Indiana.

Since then, the citizens and employers in the communities Indiana’s electric cooperatives serve have been our owners, and we’ve always put their needs first. Because if you receive your electricity from a cooperative, you belong to that cooperative not only as a member-consumer, but also as an owner.

Today, we serve more than 1.3 million individuals, families, farms, and businesses in 89 Indiana counties. With more than $2.4 billion in system infrastructure, we’re providing Hoosiers with the reliable electric power they need — and we do it while emphasizing environmentalism, sustainability and efficiency.

Indiana’s electric cooperatives work hard for you, our members, and the communities we serve. Our members have always come first – that’s the cooperative spirit. And it’s a spirit that focuses on today and tomorrow. Because, as the landscape continues to evolve, we want to ensure our members – our consumers – always have access to clean, safe, abundant electric power — now and for many years to come.

But we cannot do it without you. Consumer-owners have several unique privileges and you; your involvement and your participation are vital to your local cooperative’s success and function.

You are entitled to participate in your cooperative’s democratic process. You can vote in annual cooperative board elections and elect directors who are nominated from among the other consumers. Cooperatives also encourage you to voice your thoughts and ideas within the company. Consumers maintain equal status and work together for the good of the community. 

Get involved today and contact your local electric cooperative. Have your voice heard and be an essential part of keeping electricity safe, reliable, and affordable in your community.

Learn how you can get involved at action.indianaec.org