Look below … surprises may be in store!

Posted on Nov 02 2017 in From the Editor
Emily with sign

By Emily Schilling

When we redesigned the magazine in July, we moved some things around. And since then, some readers have asked us about future food page themes or how they could enter our periodic giveaways.

So, I figured this would be a good time to remind you to keep on reading below my signature to the area titled “We want to hear from you!” I know a typical knee-jerk response to fine print is, “Don’t care, don’t have time.” But here’s a hint: the stuff below my column could score you gift cards, fun freebies, or cool prizes. It’s there that we’ll tell you what’s coming up on our food and reader submissions pages, how to sign up for reader giveaways, and how to contact us. If we’re having a contest, check this section to see who the winners are.

This one-stop “reader engagement” area allows you to quickly and conveniently see the various ways you can get involved in the magazine — before you even begin reading it! 

So, my advice to you: read on and read often. You never know when we’ll surprise you with a giveaway!

On another note: during this season of thanksgiving — at a time when so many have suffered in natural disasters and through senseless acts of violence — I encourage you to contemplate your blessings and give thanks for the good things in your lives. If you’re able to help out those who are hurting, do so.

Together, we have the power to make things better!

EMILY SCHILLING is editor of Indiana Connection