A new season for giving

Posted on Mar 26 2024 in From the Editor
Britt Davis
Britt Davis

Now that it’s April, it’s safe to say that spring is officially here. Many see spring as a time for renewal — and a good time to deep clean your house.

As we move into a new season, it could be an opportunity to give back to others in your community. Thanksgiving and Christmas are undoubtedly the most substantial time of year for giving. People feel cheerful and thankful and are willing to help those in need. However, most of those food, clothing, and money donations are gone by the spring. Consider celebrating the arrival of warmer weather by donating to a charity that needs it.

And organizations don’t just need your money or donations. Some of the most significant help can be the donation of your time. Volunteering for a cause that you care about can be a rewarding experience. It’s also an excellent way to get out of the house and meet like-minded people. I bet that you won’t regret spending your limited free time doing something to help others.

Rescue dog

My husband and I used to volunteer with an organization called Paws and Think with our dog, Oliver. We would take him to various events as a therapy dog, and he always brought a lot of joy to people who visited with him. We lost him in July, but we have some great memories from volunteering.

Your local electric co-op follows seven cooperative principles, including “concern for community.” Your co-op finds ways to help its members and their community throughout the year. It’s a good lead to follow.

Do you have an organization that is near and dear to you? I would love to hear about it.