Leading the ‘charge’ for electric vehicles

Posted on Aug 04 2021 in Bartholomew County REMC
EV Charger Committee
The BCREMC EV Charger Selection Committee from left: Jordan Kelly, Amy Mack, Zach Haywood, Dianna Partenheimer and Colton Carden. Not pictured: Kelly Strahl and Mike Murphy

EV charger

BCREMC’s Electric Vehicle Team was on a mission to find an efficient and convenient charging solution for our community. Through a project management process, and required criteria, the team found that placing a level 2 EV charger at CERAland park was most beneficial. 

This popular park is now home to the Enel X JuiceBox EV Charger, and has already provided several eager EV owners the luxury of a quick charge. A ribbon cutting ceremony was held in July to celebrate the installation.

The team (pictured below) consists of environmentally conscious employees who share an interest in the growing field of electric vehicles, and the technology that comes with them. This group strives to put EV owners’ minds at ease when it comes to charging accessibility in rural areas.

The team is excited to continue collaborating on EV charging solutions and programs in the future and appreciates the partnership with CERAland to kick off the EV efforts.