Grid improvements increase efficiency

Hoosier Energy crews update substation in Southeastern Indiana REMC community

Vevay substation

On the outskirts of Vevay, Indiana, part of the Hoosier Energy grid had substantial improvements made. 

Hoosier Energy Substation Foreman Trevor Asche, who supervised the project, said the largest upgrade was to improve connections to a communication tower. The tower enables communication between Hoosier Energy system control and substation equipment.

At this location, the substation steps down or lowers incoming voltage. Energy is then distributed to outgoing circuits that feed smaller substations owned by member cooperatives.

“This was a complete rebuild of the whole substation, except for the existing transformer. That’s the only thing we did not change,” said Asche, adding that the upgrades increase grid resiliency.

Equipment in place at substations like this are designed to be in service for decades. Circuit breakers were replaced that were in service since the 1980s. This equipment was working well but the rebuild replaced components like this so the grid continues to perform reliably.

“These improvements should last a long time,” Asche said. “These are the best of the best breakers.”

Because of COVID-19 restrictions that included two-week rotating schedules, the updates took longer to complete.