Fluctuating power costs lead to tracker increase

Posted on Jul 08 2022 in Bartholomew County REMC

From the grocery store to the gas pump, prices are on the rise. Unfortunately, energy prices are also subject to the domestic and global market pressures. 

We buy the power that we distribute to you from Hoosier Energy. Please see Hoosier Energy’s article from their CEO Donna Walker on page 24 for further details on what is currently causing wholesale power cost increases.

Because of these increasing costs from Hoosier Energy, the tracker on your bill, effective July 1, will be $0.005872 per kWh, making the total cost per kWh $0.11529 for residential members. The average residential member uses 1,180 kWh per month and will see an increase of $6 per month. Fortunately, the repeal of the URT (see CEO article on page 5) will lower the average increase to approximately $4 per month. 

This energy tracker, that adjusts quarterly, allows us to keep our base rates consistent, but still collect the money we owe for the fluctuating costs of purchased power from Hoosier Energy. There is no mark-up in the tracker. It is a pass-through cost from our power supplier to you and is based on the energy you use. See below for energy saving tips to help you save on your bill this summer.

BCREMC employees and board members work hard to keep local expenses as low as possible while striving to maintain reliability and service at a level that meets member expectations. Thank you for being a valued member. We are grateful to serve you. Please contact our office if you have any questions regarding your electric bill.