February wholesale power relief

Posted on Feb 19 2023 in Bartholomew County REMC

Last month, BCREMC announced that the Board of Directors approved a Wholesale Power Cost Relief refund for members. During this time of inflation, BCREMC is trying its best to alleviate some of the impact of increasing wholesale power costs for our members. This special refund is for all current members that receive electricity from BCREMC. The refund amount will be in direct proportion to the kWh that you use and will be listed as “BCREMC Wholesale Power Cost Relief” on your bill. 

Power we buy from our wholesale power provider, Hoosier Energy, to sell to you constantly fluctuates in price. Because of this, the Wholesale Tracker is on your bill monthly and changes quarterly to recoup or credit the fluctuating cost of power we buy on your behalf. The tracker is a pass through from Hoosier Energy and is calculated based on your kWh usage. Due to rising costs in electricity caused by fuel (coal and natural gas) prices, inflation, and supply chain issues, the trend of increasing wholesale power costs will continue through 2023.

Through the year, we will refund some of our current margins monthly to offset the increase in the Wholesale Tracker. The board is proud to report that BCREMC is in good financial standing to give back margins now, when members need it the most.

Reflected on mid-February bills and those sent at the first of March, Bartholomew County REMC members will see a wholesale power cost relief credit of $0.00519 per kWh.

BCREMC employees and board members work hard to keep local expenses as low as possible, while striving to maintain reliability and service at a level that meets member expectations. Thank you for being a valued member. We are grateful to serve you and provide this relief during this time of inflation. 

Please contact our office if you have any questions regarding your electric bill.