February board meeting notes

Posted on Apr 08 2023 in Southern Indiana Power

In an effort to keep you informed of your Cooperative’s operations and activities, the following are highlights of the Feb. 28 Board Meeting. 

  1. All directors were present along with CEO Steve Seibert and Administrative Assistant Lisa Hinton. 
  2. The Jan. 25, 2023, Board Meeting minutes were reviewed and approved.
  3. The membership certificates were reviewed. 
  4. The vouchers were reviewed and approved.
  5. After review and discussion, based on the cost-of-service study, the board approved adjustments to the rate tariffs and schedule of non-recurring charges effective April 1.
  6. The board approved an adjustment to the Hoosier Energy Wholesale Power Cost Tracker effective April 1. 
  7. Seibert provided a fiber project update. 
  8. The CEO report was presented with Seibert reporting the following items:
    • a. Seibert informed the board LWG was on site to conduct the 2022 financial audit.
    • b. Seibert reviewed 2022 outage information.
    • c. Seibert informed the board Travis Goffinet has been promoted to the position of line foreman effective March 1.
    • d. Seibert reported on 2023-2026 RUS work plan approval.
    • e. Seibert presented information on the cooperative’s new electric vehicle.
    •  f. Seibert informed the board of patronage capital checks from NISC and CRC.
    • g. Seibert reported he has been elected to serve on the PCDC board of directors.
    • h. Seibert reviewed a Load Modifying Resource Agreement between ATTC, Hoosier Energy and the cooperative.
    •  i. Seibert reported on a RUS draw for the fiber project.
    •  j. Seibert reported on outages due to high winds on Feb. 27.
    • k. Seibert informed directors of upcoming meeting dates: NRECA PowerXchange, March 5-8; Operation Round Up Board of Trustees Meeting, March 15; Hoosier Energy Annual Meeting, April 5; NRECA Legislative Conference, April 16-19; Southern Indiana Power Annual Meeting, April 20; ACES Member Conference, June 1-2; and the Indiana Electric Cooperative Director’s Retreat, July 29-30.
  9. Greg Pemberton, safety and risk management instructor with IEC, conducted climbing gear, rope, and fall protection inspection training and maintenance on Feb. 24. Seibert advised there were no lost time accidents, and no public liability claims to report.
  10. The Board approved a request from IEC for a corporate donation for 2023 FORE participation.
  11. Director Gary Waninger reported on a Hoosier Energy Board Meeting held Feb. 13.
  12. Director Randy Kleaving reported on two IEC Board Meetings held Feb. 6 and 15.
  13. Chairman Jeff Vogel reported thank you notes were received from South Spencer High School After Prom Committee, Tell City football program, Perry Central After Prom Committee and Lutgring Brothers.
  14. The next regularly scheduled Board of Directors meeting will be held Wednesday, March 29.