What’s in a name?

5 tips for choosing the perfect moniker for your pet

Posted on May 26 2023 in Pets
Puppy and kitten

When it comes to cats and dogs, pet lovers find all kinds of significance and meaning in dubbing our furry friends. But how do you choose the perfect one? Here are some tips that might help:

Get to know your pet first
Some people have a name picked out before even picking up their new pet from the shelter or breeder. This can backfire if your pet ends up being a little different than expected. Dog and cat personalities can vary greatly even within their breeds, and you could quickly find that “Sugar” is more of a “Cinnamon.”

Listen to the science
Both dogs and cats respond differently to certain sounds, including syllable length. Longer, drawn-out names can take more time for pets to learn, whereas shorter ones may be picked up more quickly.

If renaming an adult pet, choose comparable sounds
If you’re adopting a shelter animal and aren’t keen on its given name, help smooth the transition by choosing a new name that starts with the same sound and has the same amount of syllables. For example, “Rosie” will have a far easier time becoming “Roxy” than “Petunia.”

Make a list of your favorite movies or books
Pop culture and literature always turn up an abundance of fun pet names, so to help you come up with some ideas, make a list of your go-to movies, TV shows, books, musicals, etc., and your favorite characters in each.

Avoid controversy
If there’s anything controversial about a pet name you’re considering, it may not be worth it. For example, naming your grumpy cat a swear word may seem funny at the time — but will you feel the same about the name during an emergency visit to the veterinary hospital, or if it gets lost and you must roam the neighborhood shouting its name?

Whatever you choose, don’t feel pressured to decide your new pet’s name right away. It’s OK to take a few days to get to know your pet, then pick the name that fits his or her personality best. 

Source: Trupanion, a comprehensive pet insurance provider.

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