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Contractor checklist

Posted on Mar 29, 2018 in Energy

by Pat Keegan and Brad Thiessen Ready to make your home more energy efficient? The first step in beginning a renovation project is finding the right contractor. Here are some things to consider when deciding who to hire. Educate yourself so you can be in control of your project. Use reputable sources, like,… Continue reading.

Get smart

Posted on Jan 26, 2018 in Energy

by Pat Keegan and Brad Thiessen Today, many thermostats offer great new technologies and can do things thermostats of the past simply could not do. That said, it’s certainly worth asking if these new thermostats can save enough money to justify the extra cost. Let’s start by looking at the three main options for thermostats:… Continue reading.

Energy efficiency for renters

Posted on Oct 03, 2017 in Energy

by Laura Matney Just because a renter doesn’t own his/her home doesn’t mean energy-saving improvements can’t be made to the apartment or rental property. The 10 tips on this list do not significantly modify the house, but still can save the renter money. Here is the list: 1) Low-flow showerhead: Remove that old showerhead and… Continue reading.

Here to pump you up

Posted on Aug 31, 2017 in Energy

By Pat Keegan and Brad Thiessen If replacing your furnace seems to be on the near horizon, especially with colder weather a calendar page away, you might wonder what might be some economical options. For most of us, heating and cooling accounts for the largest part of our household energy use. An electric air-source heat… Continue reading.

Smart homes

Posted on Jul 31, 2017 in Energy

BY TOM TATE The concept of the smart home is not as new as you might expect. In the late 1980s, as a product manager for Honeywell, I got to see a real smart home. Honeywell’s smart home contained impressive automation capabilities. Lighting, security, fire monitoring, temperature control and appliance use were all automated to… Continue reading.

In the market?

Posted on Jul 01, 2017 in Energy

When looking for a new car, most folks at least glance at the estimated fuel efficiency on the window sticker. Finding out the estimated energy costs for a new home is also important, but those numbers may be trickier to find. The type of energy — electricity and propane or gas — used in the… Continue reading.


Windows of opportunity

Posted on May 30, 2017 in Energy

Windows add a lot of character to our homes — especially old homes that still have original frames and panes. But they are also an important contributor to the efficiency and comfort of your home. Old ones can be drafty in winter and seem to let some sunny rooms overheat in summer. Replacing windows is… Continue reading.

Always-on Appliances

Posted on May 25, 2017 in Energy

Today’s new appliances don’t just cook your food and keep it cold, wash your clothes and dishes, or offer a few hours of entertainment. These machines boast a myriad of functions that make our lives easier — but in doing so also consume more energy. While appliances have become more energy efficient as technology has… Continue reading.

Keep yourself in hot water

Posted on Apr 25, 2017 in Energy

Today’s electric tank water heaters are all well insulated to keep the water that we’ve paid to heat stay hot until it’s needed. But with just a little bit of knowledge, there are things we can do as homeowners to keep them operating efficiently long beyond the life of their warranty. Here are things I… Continue reading.

Save energy with landscaping

Posted on Mar 01, 2017 in Energy

By Patrick Keegan and Amy Wheeless Late winter and early spring are great times to think about changes to your home’s landscape. While the goal of most lawn and garden projects is to bring beauty to your outdoor space, a well-designed project can also save energy, increase the overall value of your home and provide… Continue reading.

Can energy apps save money?

Posted on Feb 01, 2017 in Energy

By Patrick Keegan and Amy Wheeless Smartphone apps number like the stars these days, it seems. Some you might want to be aware of can help you determine how energy is used in your home and provide information that helps you choose efficiency upgrades that make the most sense for your home. Here are a… Continue reading.


Remodel your kitchen for efficiency

Posted on Jan 03, 2017 in Energy

By Patrick Keegan and Amy Wheeless My family is planning to remodel our kitchen in the coming months. We hope to incorporate energy efficient features to reduce our energy costs. What are some suggestions to increase our kitchen’s efficiency? Undertaking a remodeling project in any part of your home gives you the chance to make… Continue reading.

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