Beware of utility scams

Posted on Mar 10 2022 in Bartholomew County REMC
Courtney Metzger

We often get reports from members that a call to their cell phone has threatened to disconnect power. 

Scammers’ tactics can change daily, which is why it’s important for you to stay on top of the latest scams. Scammers use the trust that the cooperative has created by delivering reliable services to defraud people, like you, our members. It’s important to learn the signs of utility scams to protect yourself and the ability of your cooperative workers to do their jobs. 

Phone calls are the most common way scammers attempt to gain information, demand payments over the phone, or sign you up for fraudulent programs. Many of you know to be cautious of unknown phone calls and emails, but you should now also question suspicious text messages, especially from someone claiming to represent a utility company. BCREMC will only send you important updates via text if you have signed up for notifications through SmartHub. We will never ask for a payment via text message. 

Bartholomew County REMC wants to ensure your personal and financial security when it comes to any and all utility scams. The most popular utility scam includes contacting a member with a local number and threatening to disconnect service for non-payment or offering a discount to pay early. If your electric account is delinquent, you will receive a notice from BCREMC in advance on your bill statement, by a phone call, and email (if we have your account on file). 

Protect yourself, your loved ones, and your neighbors from falling victim to scams. If you receive a call, text message, or email asking you about your electric bill, cut off communication immediately and call us directly at 812-372-2546 to check the status of your account. Access to your account is available 24/7 online at and by our secure automated phone line 844-344-4369.

Please take a moment to confirm or update your contact information by calling our office directly at 812-372-2546 or emailing By doing so, you will be helping us improve service and efficiency so we can better serve you and all members of the co-op. Keeping the co-op updated with your information also helps you when reporting an outage or if there’s a question about energy use, billing, or planned maintenance. I want to emphasize that in providing your contact information to the co-op, we will never share this information with any third parties. Stay alert, members!