Your membership means more!

Posted on Apr 28 2019 in LaGrange County REMC

Now, as always, is a great time to be a member of your electric cooperative, LaGrange County REMC.

Not only were we built by members like you, but we are led by you and belong to the same communities you do. This means we’re better able to listen and understand how to serve the unique needs of our community.

While many customers pay power bills to companies that answer to far-away stockholders who demand a healthy profit every quarter, local members call the shots at electric co-ops like ours. 

Co-ops aren’t under pressure to keep rates high enough to generate big profits. Instead, we try to keep your bill as low as possible while providing high-quality service. Co-ops also share excess revenue back with the members we serve in the form of capital credits or invest it back into the business locally.

Your co-op’s directors — who are fellow members, by the way — have two priorities in mind when making decisions: keeping your lights on safely and reliably, and keeping costs affordable in our local community. That’s why you elected them. And that’s what’s so great about co-ops. If you don’t like the direction your co-op is taking, you have the power to change the leadership through your vote at our annual meeting or by running for the board yourself!

While co-ops have a storied history of being built by the communities they serve, we are not just products of a proud past. These days, Americans from all walks of life have come to recognize the co-op approach — members working together to achieve price and service benefits — can work for other needs just as effectively as it delivers affordable power to rural communities.

Leadership at LaGrange County REMC shares the same concerns as you, our members, because we live and work in the same community you do. We are accessible. You can give us a call or send us an email and know someone here is listening. And at our upcoming annual meeting on June 8, you’ll have a chance to visit with us in person — we’ll be the ones in gray! — and share insights on how you think we can improve your service or programs. 

As locally owned and operated businesses, electric co-ops understand the people they serve. Directors and employees at LaGrange County REMC share the same values and have the same pride of place as you do because it’s our community, too. We act like neighbors because we are neighbors.

That’s the cooperative difference.