Boosting internet speeds with kids at home

Posted on Jul 05 2024 in LaGrange County REMC
Child at a laptop

In today’s digital age, a fast and reliable internet connection is crucial for households, especially with the kids at home this summer. Whether it’s for online gaming, streaming educational content, or connecting with friends and family, having efficient internet speeds can make a significant difference. At LaGrange County REMC Broadband, we understand the unique challenges families face and are here to provide you with some practical tips to optimize your internet experience.


First and foremost, evaluate your current internet plan. As children increasingly use the internet for educational and recreational purposes, your household’s bandwidth needs may have grown. Consider upgrading to a higher-speed package to accommodate multiple devices streaming, gaming, and attending virtual classes simultaneously. LaGrange County REMC Broadband offers various plans tailored to meet different needs, ensuring you have enough bandwidth for all your activities.

Spark 100 — Up to 100 Mbps $59.95/month

Spark 500 — Up to 500 Mbps $79.95/month

Spark Gig — Up to 1,000 Mbps $99.95/month


The placement of your Wi-Fi router can significantly impact your internet speed. Position your router in a central location of your home, ideally in an elevated spot. Avoid placing it near walls or large metal objects that can obstruct the signal. Additionally, ensure your router is not close to other electronic devices that may cause interference.

We also offer mesh extenders for $6.95/month which can increase the coverage of your Wi-Fi.


The more devices connected to your network, the more bandwidth is consumed. Disconnect devices that are not in use to free up bandwidth for essential activities. This includes smartphones, tablets, smart home devices, and streaming services that may be running in the background.

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