Your email sign-off

Posted on Jun 24 2022 in From the Editor
Emily at laptop

By Emily Schilling

I can’t even tell you how many emails I send in a day. Nor can I tell you exactly what I’ve written in each correspondence. I probably spend just a few seconds composing most of them, clicking on “Send” quickly before tackling the next of many messages in my inbox.

In most cases, I don’t bother with a formal sign-off like “Yours truly” or “Sincerely” or “All the best.” I’ve always thought those complimentary closes should be relegated to physical, pen-to-paper correspondence — not electronic messages. 

But apparently, some Gen Z’ers (those born between 1997 and 2012) are getting in the last word — or actually the last laugh — in their emails. 

According to a recent viral TikTok video and its 11,500 comments, this youngest workforce generation often ends its business emails with phrases like “Stay fabulous,” “Laterz,” “Hehe bye,” “That’s all,” “Mic drop,” “Umm yeah,” “Allllrighty then,” and “See yas later.” 

Notice I said business emails. I wonder how they sign off on their personal emails?

Anyway, although I would never close a business email with “See yas later” or “Hehe bye” (nor would I expect my employer would want me to!), I do appreciate the easy, breezy, fun tone of these sign-offs — in appropriate instances. They’re like extensions of your personality and another way for your email recipient to get to know you and gauge your mood without having face-to-face contact. Perhaps, your tongue-in-check closing might even brighten your recipient’s day. 

Maybe I should adopt a sign-off. I’m leaning toward “Toodles,” “Going, going, gone,” “Happy trails to you,” and “You got this.”

Or perhaps just a simple
“Th-Th-Th-That’s all, folks!”

EMILY SCHILLING is editor of Indiana Connection