Working on electricity? Be smart

Posted on Apr 26 2022 in Features
Man working on an outlet
If you are planning to do electrical work, please keep safety in mind.

The smartest, safest way to fix an electrical problem around your house is to call a licensed electrician. Even if you are an expert handyman, it’s just not smart to fool around with electricity. If you must, however, at least:

Turn off the power at the breaker box. Don’t just turn the appliance or light off if you’re going to tinker with it. No power means no chance of a shock. In fact, tape the breaker into the “off” position and let everyone in the house know you’re working on the electricity so nobody will switch it back on.

Check all the wires.When you open a fixture or an electrical box, assure yourself that none of the wires are “hot.” Test them all with a tester.

Wear gloves, goggles, and conductive shoes, which prevent the buildup of static electricity in your body.

Avoid metal-handled tools and ladders.Choose properly insulated tools for electrical jobs. Invest in a wooden or fiberglass ladder with insulated feet. And inspect your power tools for damaged cords and plugs.

Stay away from water.If you’ve got an electrical problem in a wet location, call for help. This is not a job for a non-electrician.