Window condensation: Don’t sweat the small stuff

Posted on Nov 08 2022 in LaGrange County REMC
Jake Taylor
Energy Advisor

When a homeowner sees water collecting on window glass (commonly referred to as sweating), he/she often draws incorrect conclusions about the ability of the window to perform. That’s not to say that condensation on or in a window is not of concern but it may not be a window failure. Here are some things to consider.

In the winter, if moisture appears between the panes, then the seal between the two layers of glass is broken and the window is not performing as designed. If the moisture appears on the glass (facing the inside of the house), then there is elevated humidity in the house. Cold winter air holds less moisture than warm summer air. Drafty windows will not allow moisture to collect on the inside surface of the frame or glass, indicating a lack of air sealing with the window gaskets.

In the summer, you want to look for condensation at or near the corners of a window frame when the house is operating the air conditioning and the outside air is humid. This would indicate a lack of air sealing with the window gaskets. If condensation occurs on the outside pane of glass, then the window seal is broken between the two panes of glass. 

Most window manufacturers have decent warranties. It may be worth the call to see if your window qualifies for repair or replacement. Most window installers should also be able to determine if a window needs to be replaced or repaired. But be cautious as they are also trying to drum up business. 

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