Where our crews will be

Posted on Feb 03 2022 in Orange County REMC
Orange Co. REMC line crew
Keep an eye out for REMC crews who will be working on various projects throughout the community this month.

In order to deliver affordable and reliable electricity to our members, Orange County REMC focuses on maintaining and improving its electric system and equipment. We want you and the community in general to know where our crews are working. Use caution when traveling in areas where extra utility vehicles may be parked along roadways. 

As of mid-January, these are the areas where crews are working on a variety of projects, ranging from right-of-way clearing to pole testing and meter upgrades:

  • The meter change-out program is proceeding on schedule as crews are still working in the Roosevelt substation area .
  • Starting last month, right-of-way crews transitioned from working inĀ  the Chaillaux substation area to the Roosevelt substation area.
  • Pole testing crews continue to work in the Abydel substation area.
  • Please use caution when driving through these areas to help keep our crews safe.