Where does my power come from?

Posted on May 07 2022 in Jay County REMC

By Wabash Valley Power Alliance

Did you know Jay County REMC is a member of another cooperative? Your co-op is a member of Wabash Valley Power Alliance (WVPA), a not-for-profit generation and transmission electric cooperative made up of 23 electric co-ops across Indiana, Illinois and Missouri. So just like your co-op is member-owned, Wabash Valley Power Alliance is member-owned too.  We generate and transmit the electricity that Jay County REMC distributes to you.

Being member-owned means there is no US without ALL OF US. Every Wabash Valley Power Alliance member co-op, every home and business, school and farm — every life we ultimately power is who we are. We came to be so that electricity itself could become a reality for people on the outskirts. And we’ve learned to use creative strategies and a spirit of informed innovation to do that job better than ever. 

Wabash Valley Power Alliance isn’t the face of electricity for you as a homeowner or business owner. That honor belongs to Jay County REMC, which brings what we do home — the men and women who are in their communities alongside member-owners, solving problems, facilitating lives and businesses, being neighborly. When you’re a member of a local electric co-op, you’ve probably talked to your co-op and may even know the CEO. That doesn’t happen at other electric companies.

We share the cooperative spirit with Jay County REMC — existing not to enrich the bank accounts of outside investors but to give back to members — to keep reliable and affordable electricity at the heart of our mission. That means finding ways to balance demand for electricity with costs, and it means helping you make informed decisions about how you use electricity. When you save electricity, everyone saves, because we can subtract the kilowatt-hours we don’t need from our overall supply plan. Collectively, the energy savings add up and delay or eliminate the need to build additional power plants. 

Recently, WVPA’s board of directors adopted a decarbonization strategy to seek balance between our members’ needs for reliable and affordable electricity with environmental responsibility. Through a combination of the addition of zero-emission resources, elimination of carbon in our power supply portfolio, and edge-of-grid technologies, Wabash Valley Power Alliance will be reducing carbon emissions by 50% in 2031, 70% by 2040, and will target net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

One of the ways we keep costs lower is through POWER MOVES®, our energy-efficiency program. Since the program began in 2010, it has: 

  • Saved 300 million kilowatt-hours of energy 
  • Avoided $66 million in power supply costs
  • Given $32 million in incentives to co-op members 

To learn more about rebates and incentives for which you may be eligible, visit PowerMoves.com or call Jay County REMC. 

Being an electric co-op and an alliance means being responsive to member needs — both the co-ops we serve and the members at the end of the line. We’re all in this together. Visit wvpa.com for more information.