We love our community

Posted on Mar 09 2020 in Warren County REMC

“To move forward, you have to give back.”

Oprah Winfrey

This quote from Oprah Winfrey reflects the special bond and obligation that ties Warren County REMC to the community we serve. There’s no better time to express how much we love this community and serving you, the members of the co-op.  

Infographic of people making a heart

We know when we helped to bring electricity to rural Indiana many years ago, the quality of life improved for all. Through the years, other issues needed to be tackled, and we have been at the forefront of helping to address some of those issues. We want to help meet the long-term needs of our community to ensure it continues to thrive — because just like you, we live here too.

While our top priority is to safely provide reliable energy to you, equally important is our mission to enrich the lives of the consumer-members (that’s you!) that we serve. This focus to benefit the larger community is central to the way we operate as a cooperative. Warren County REMC knows that electricity is a critical need for modern-day life, but it takes more than poles and power lines to make a community.

Over time, our co-op has evolved to meet the changing needs of our community, thereby improving the quality of life for everyone. And that can mean many different things. It can mean programs for Indiana’s youth, such as electrical safety programs in schools where we help teach our young people how to stay safe around electricity. It means supporting programs like 4-H or youth sports teams. It means partnering with organizations like Wabash Valley Power Alliance to provide energy efficiency rebates or other programs. 

Over the last eight decades, our community-focused programs and other giving projects have helped the members of our service territory in many ways, and we couldn’t do any of this without you, the members of Warren County REMC. 

We all benefit from these programs because of you and your neighbors. You empower the REMC through your membership and through your participation in and support of these programs. 

As a local business, we are proud to power your life and bring good things to our community. We hope you will continue to guide our efforts by sharing your perspective as we plan for the future. The energy landscape is undergoing dramatic change fueled by evolving technology and consumer desires for more options. While the larger environment in which we operate is constantly changing, one thing remains the same. By working together, we can continue to do good things for our community.