We care about what you care about

Posted on Sep 26 2017 in Harrison REMC

Harrison REMC is committed to providing our members with the best service possible. Understanding consumer satisfaction regarding the REMC helps us better serve you.

In the next few weeks, an independent research firm may call or email cooperative members, on behalf of the REMC, requesting permission to conduct a short survey with several questions based on criteria from the American Consumer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). If contacted, we hope you participate. Rest assured, all of the information you provide is confidential.

The last consumer satisfaction survey we conducted took place in 2014. This is a very important survey as it helps us provide better service based on updated and direct feedback from our members. The survey lasts 10-14 minutes. We encourage you to participate if you receive the call or email.

The research professionals performing the survey adhere to strict confidentiality criteria. You will never be asked for your name, address, account number, banking or credit card information or payment of any type.

Thank you for your participation in helping Harrison REMC provide better service to you.